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Christmas Gift Ideas For Her - Christmas Slippers - Wool - Eco Friendly


Give Your Lady A Perfect Treat!

Tap into the best house shoes available out there!

Zudari Women's Christmas Slippers are a 100% wool shoe designed with quality and are not made of felt. This is a common misconception. Wool provides many benefits that felt cannot replicate, and it’s not a matter of quantity, but quality.

For starters, wool insulates against cold, heat and sound, making it unique. Medical experts agree that wool allergies are extremely rare, and they are eco friendly while keeping your feet dry and odor free.

Zudari boots are handmade and take almost three hours to produce one pair. It is important that we use sheep from Mongolian flocks, as wool in Mongolia is referred to as “white gold” and sheep herding there is one of the biggest in the world. Wool is used for so many things in Mongolia from floors, walls, beds and more. 

 Comfort and durability are impossible to achieve with felt as the properties of felt do not compare with what wool offers. Felt boots can tear and not protect your feet from odor, sweat and the elements.

 Buying one pair of boots that last, or having to buy multiple pairs of boots that don’t offer what Zudari boots offer, what is more important?

Zudari does not harm sheep and we do not expect to imitate anyone. Quality is the number one priority for Zudari. There are so many felt boots out there, they don’t compare. When you look at the price tag of comparable shoes, quality and how long they last, you will see they don’t compare with what Zudari offers. Our process is safe, humane and very personal.

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“I am very satisfied with Zudari boots; they are extremely unique and top-quality wool makes them super comfy. I love the luxurious touch and the wonderful thing is that they are super eco-friendly.”

“These shoes are durable, high-quality and extremely flexible!  I am totally pleased with the purchase.”

“The designs are very cute"

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